Monday, 21 February 2011

A passion for life and living - can keep you alive and living!

I have just returned from a short holiday in a warmer climate.

 There I met a man who has cancer and was given six months to live - seven years ago.

He said when he was told he only  had months to live he went to the beach every day and cried.

After a while he decided that  instead of crying in the sea he would start to swim in  it  and he would swim out so far  that  maybe he wouldn't be able to come back.

Instead of that he found a passion - for the sea and for swimming.

For the last seven  years he has  spent hours swimming whenever the sea conditions permit -  and he makes sure that he is able to get back to the shore.

His passion has not only fuelled his desire to live but it has given him a quality of life he never knew before.

Without a passion we are living. But are we really alive?