Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Saga Magazine are letting their readers down!

I find it quite strange that Saga magazine who target  audience are over 50 years of age,  do not publish anything on end of life or palliative care.
They believe their readers 'don't especially want to think about it until they have to'.  They encourage their readers to say  ‘if something happens to me’ rather than the preparation for the inevitable ‘when’.
They are letting their readers down by not considering the implication that  lack of forward planning will have on their end of life,  or the potential impact it will have on the family.
They  advocate informed choice in all aspects of their lives and yet ignore the importance of informed choice at the end of their lives

Thursday, 22 September 2011

BMA Awards for my book End of Life the Essential Guide to Caring

 Well the big news was that my book End of Life the Essential Guide to Caring was Highly Commended at the BMA Books Awards and also Highly Commended for the BMA Science Award for the Understanding of Science which surprised us somewhat. Apparently ‘This guide impressed the judges with its practical focus and sympathetic style’ anyway I’m not complaining!
 I have been effectively out of work since the government cutbacks, its bad news for me but also for all the carers who are not getting the training and support they need when working with people with dementia and end of life.
 Frustrating is an understatement.
 In the meantime I qualified as a Bereavement Counsellor and am volunteering with Cruse Bereavement Charity.
Will also be writing another book. I'm back to blogging!
Watch this space!